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Michael Vick Reinstated, But Untouchable

By Christopher Maher On July - 28 - 2009

I'm a dog lover. My rescue dog, a mix of black Lab and Rottweiler, is the most loving gentle giant I've ever had the honor of calling my best friend. 

Nonetheless, Roger Goodell did the right thing in giving Michael Vick a limited reinstatement.

As much as I would love to see my 110-pound dog clamp his jaws on Vick's testicles for his reprehensible actions, Vick has done the crime and done the time, and thus, paid his debt to society according to our court system.

Goodell did the right thing in terms of it being the smart thing. Sometimes, the toll on the high road is too expensive, and any gain in public relations from an iron fist could have brought a lawsuit for restraint of trade.

Goodell, wisely, has allowed him to play after sitting out a suspension.

Now, let's get into the free market and the real world.

What NFL team would touch him?

We Americans love our dogs, make movies and TV shows about them, name sports teams and cheering sections after them, and consider them as parts of our families.

They are.

If even the slightest Internet rumor showed any NFL team's interest in Michael Vick, there would be pic...

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