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Football players and real sports fans across America are wondering, why would Michael Vick choose the worst sports city in America to try to restart his NFL career?

Philadelphia is called "The City of Brotherly Love"—it's anything but a city that loves brothers!

Racial profiling among the city's police department is on par with the LAPD and NYPD and Prince George's County Police Department in the state of Maryland.

Vick's first appearance in a home game in a Philadelphia Eagle football uniform will set American sports back 52 years. Remember 1947 and Jackie Robinson?

Don't be surprised to see a black dog instead of a black cat released on the field of play. The No. 1 played song on the radio in cities that the Eagles visit will be, "Who Let the Dogs Out?"

Vick and his family will need an armed escort to and from games. The best advice his legal team could give him: "Tell your family and friends to stay home and watch the games on television."

Vick's No. 7 jersey was the biggest seller in the NFL before his dog conviction. It has sold out in Philly, but don’t be surprised ...

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