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Miguel Cabrera: We don’t know the whole story and we may never know the whole story. 

The two parts that trouble me most about this story are, “Do you know who I am?” and, “You don’t know anything about my problems.” 

No, Miguel, I don’t know anything about your problems. But I really don’t care any more about your problems than you care about mine. 

That may sound cold, but at 54 years of age, I learned long ago that the typical morning query from my colleagues—“How are you today?”—is at best perfunctory. If I thought they really cared I might be more forthcoming about my life, especially during those times I’m feeling blue. But then I remember to breathe. 

My dad once told me that half the people in the world don’t give a damn about your problems and the other half are relieved that you’re saddled with them and they’re not. Dad was a curmudgeon and I’m following in his footsteps to make him proud....

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