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If you are a regular viewer of your baseball team’s regular season games, you will see the same commercials approximately six million times. 

You will already be sick of them by May, and by September the sight of it will make you psychotic. 

If you’re a regular viewer of other games for fantasy purposes and the general playoffs, it gets even worse, because there’s a heavy amount of crossover. 

Luckily, I have probably blocked some out of my mind, but here are seven that are already making me consider breaking my computer more.


7. Hardees Guy Works On Car

The premise: a guy works on his car with a fresh Hardee’s burger, while his girlfriend is bored because he’s working on his car. 

The message: real men eat Hardee’s burgers! 

Several things wrong: first, how did he get said burger?  He didn’t just go to Hardee’s, get a burger, and immediately start working on his car, right? 

The chick obviously didn’...

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