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Objectives of the article

1. To assess a selected group of young people's opinions to determine an interest in articles on "Sports and STEM" (science, technology, engineering and mathematics).

2. To make a cursory determination of young people's desire to have tattoos and of their knowledge of professional athletes with tattoos. Mohawks, tattoos, and body piercing are some symbols of the new generation in 2009.

3. To demonstrate the use of simiple statistics to describe what people are thinking, rather than to make assumptions that are not well-founded.

The article:

His arms are like artwork. He said, "My 84-year old grandmother doesn't like them." The tattoos, that is. He has been snowboarding since he was three years old.

There could easily be a generation gap between the 2009 students and me, or, maybe, you. I surveyed them to see how they think.

My goal this summer is to awaken their awareness of the use of math and other subjects in the world of sports. First, however, I need to know what they are thinking.

To get their attention, I mentioned that those who have the "power to define ideas" (and write a...

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