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Lines of demarcation exist in sports and in life to distinguish things like fair/foul, legal/illegal and more.  Baseball has its foul line, football has the goal posts, and society has determined that there is something magical about a person's 18th birthday.

Basketball, I recently discovered thanks to the Lions of Yates High School in Houston, has a very unique line of demarcation that might surprise you.

Yates High School is the No. 1 nationally ranked High School basketball program according to USA Today. They are a powerhouse team led by Coach Greg Wise.  Please understand, when I say powerhouse, I mean POWERhouse.

The team averages 117 points per game.  That stat is made all the more remarkable when you realize the team only plays 32-minute games! 

They scored 100 points for a record 15th straight time recently.  Yates set the state record for most points in one game at 170. They don’t win games, they dominate games.  
They are out to execute on every possession, stop their opponent at every opportunity; they are out to win every game.  Isn't that the point of sport?

The country was rivete...

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