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My 100th Article, Bow to My Superiority

By David Arreola On September - 19 - 2009

It's been creeping up on me for the past month or so. The 100th article. It's been a year since I joined B/R, and I always assumed I would reach 100 articles. Now that it has finally arrived, I must take a moment to acknowledge the magnitude of this achievement.

The 100th article is the biggest article. Because it's the last time you'll change digits. I mean, unless you reach 1,000, in which case you just need to get a job.

For awhile I have been pondering...what should my 100th article should be about?

Should I go the way of my ego and write an article on how glorious the last 99 have been? Nah. (But they were.)

Should I get all sentimental and write an article on how the last 99 have changed my life? Nah, I'm not a liar.

Perhaps I should start giving credit to all those who have helped me get where I am? Nah, but I do have to give a shoutout to our friend T.W. Krems.

Aha! I know, I will write an article with no real plot, focus, or cohesion. Perfect.

Prepare for a whiplash around the world of sports, B/R, celebrity, and life in general.

First off, I have the deepest respect for all the writers in the Wrestling Commun...

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