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So you’ve got your bracket printed out and you’re about to embark on the task of predicting the NCAA tournament. For some of you it’s about the money and others it’s the bragging rights. For me it’s both. As the old saying goes, being right is nice, but being paid for being right is divine…someone said that, right?

Half of your office will go with the chalks and put all the No. 1 seeds in the Final Four, while the other half will go with a mixture of love and hatred for teams and the need to pick upsets just for the sake of picking them. My girlfriend selects teams based on whether she likes the sound of their name.

Last year she had BYU going far because she thought they were called Bring’em young and it sounded funny to her.

My system is to go with the gut. Not my gut, mind you, but Vegas’ gut.

A soon as the bracket spots are filled on Selection Sunday, Las Vegas oddsmakers are busy trying to figure out which teams have a chance and which teams are all hype. Of course, the betting line isn’t always correct, but it’s an extremely usefu...

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