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NCAA Violations: Who is Violating Whom?

By Brian Winett On August - 13 - 2010

For decades we've heard about school after school and player after player getting in trouble for some sort of NCAA bylaw violation. 

It's understandable that the NCAA would like to protect the sanctity of its amateur athletes; if they really want this to stop though, they, in conjunction with the NFL, would have to sanction the agents.

Busting drug users to try to stop the drug trade is as fruitless as busting college kids for needing money. 

People abused as children will likely turn to drugs and people in college will always need money. Going after the abused and the poor is like punishing the victim. 

Who should be punished are the vultures that prey upon these poor college students by trying to give them money—the agents.

Then with that being said, you have to ask yourself why isn't this already implemented?

If the NFL simply suspended agents' licenses for fi
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