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I recently turned 38 years old. Not old by most standards but certainly not young.

With all these years under my belt, a small bit of wisdom has crept to the top of my psyche through all the sports statistics and Simpsons’ quotes. I’ve learned that in life, most of the time you get what you put into it, you reap what you sow, etc.

I’m fairly content with my life, but I’m sure there’s more out there for me if I work for it. I’ve also learned that life isn’t always fair and with apologies to John Lennon and the Beatles, the love you take is not necessarily always equal to the love you make.

A revelation has come to me with the abruptness of a bullet through the forehead. True happiness does not come from possessions, money or status. Happiness comes from results relative to expectations.

It took me 38 years to arrive at this conclusion, which came from the oddest of sources…the New York Mets.

I’ve been a Mets fan since I was old enough to spell l-o-s-e-r-s. The Mets even ...

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