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DeSean Jackson of the Philadelphia Eagles is out indefinitely with a severe concussion, following a hit by Atlanta Falcons cornerback Dunta Robinson during Sunday's 31-17 Eagles win. Jackson experienced memory loss and remains highly symptomatic, according to reports. He will not play next week.

Robinson also suffered a concussion on the helmet-to-helmet collision, which occurred on a short pass early in the second quarter. The Falcons corner is reportedly recovering much more quickly. He received a personal foul on the play.

The foul (and the fine sure to come with it) will not be enough to quell calls for stricter limitations on where and how defenders can hit opposing players, especially vulnerable receivers. Rule changes appear imminent, although it's highly unlikely that they would be implemented before the end of this season.

Jackson's is not a unique case in NFL history. Many players have suffered injuries of such a gruesome or avoidable nature that they altered the way the game was played in some way. Five such instances spring to mind...

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