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NFL’s 18-Game Regular Season Sacrifices Glory for Greed

By Charles Conrad On August - 24 - 2010

There are times in life when it is best to be content with just the right amount of a good thing. Consuming too much of anything can often ruin the experience.

Driving down the road on a hot summer night, you feel a sudden urge for an ice cream cone. You pull off at the ice cream stand and order the extra large size. After all, you are craving more, aren't you?

Halfway finished with your cone, the ice cream begins dripping down all over your hands. Your stomach begins to feel full and you realize you should have ordered the medium size. Not wanting to waste your money, you finish the extra large cone anyway.

Back in the car, you are weighed down with that familiar bloated feeling. You've had that feeling before. Thanksgiving day when you ate one too many helpings of stuffing. The morning after that party in college when you had just one too many cold ones.

The pink bottle of Pepto Bismol is waiting for you at home. Bathroom cabinet. Bottom shelf.

If the NFL owners proceed with the plan to expand the regular season to 18 games, which appears inevitable, you may ...

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