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No Tears for Fears

By Saraswathi Sirigina On June - 2 - 2009

We live in a cocoon.

We think we are isolated.

We think that all the world is our stage to enact.

Standing at a crossroads and  looking from the periphery, it seems like the biggest canvas is before us to etch our dreams—using charcoal, clay, and sand we cement our souls into concrete slab of definition and destine our perimeter.

But an earthquake, an avalanche can shake or rock that concrete edifice and crack it. On that day, we lay bare our souls and search the ruins for our beginnings.

We ask if this is what we have let ourselves in for, sold our souls for, and broke with our promises to ourselves.

We know success is measured in numbers.

We feel that we have attained that pinnacle or the peak when we have beaten that one man who got there by his own creed.

We question his methods because our methods were not the same, or because they cannot be measured against his, or else because our methods have not been above board.

We want to get there by all means, by any which way.

We tell ourselves that the path to glory is strewn with hardened, cold, biting steps, and we are prepared for the obstacle course.

I ask, have we run our course?

Or is there anything left for us to surmount or give up?

It is not enough if we get there, we gotta stick there—and we will do anything to stick it out, to etch our name in the pedestal of glory.

The footprints of sand will all be erased in the storm that rages after we have passed. The paths we have criss-crossed will all be in the past, to be forgotten, to be waylaid, and to be tread by a different angel or a different demon—it is all in one’s perception.

The vibrant VIBGYOR colored rainbow does not wish to gain, but decorates and dots the skyline after the rain.

Is it ephemeral?

Life or something like it is no straight line, there are many a jagged edges and the mirrors of pain recede into the oblivion of shredded glass, here again…gone tomorrow.

Goals disdained, unrestrained
Imprisoned in self immolation
Ignoring destination, in perdition
Simply find release, release from the gaol

Subtlety, Subtlety…Take the Soul…




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