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One reason why athletes are often admired by the masses is that they often push themselves to the limits to do amazing things—whether it's scoring 38 points with the flu in Game Five of the NBA Finals, winning the U.S. Open with an ACL-stricken left knee, or rowing across the Atlantic Ocean solo style.

Is it truly mind over matter? Sanity over insanity? Or just the fact that once an individual gets past the rationalization factor of "playing it safe," one is capable of doing what's deemed impossible?

Katie Spotz, a sensational 22-year-old adventurer and athlete from Mentor, OH, knows a thing or two about accomplishing many athletic achievements in style. She doesn't just merely settle for what's reachable for most people—she tests the human strength to the absolute maximum!

Like any other athlete, she trains hard—physically and mentally, getting herself in tip-top shape for her next endeavor. After all, it's not a simple decision to pursue a challenging goal such as a 70-day rowing journey across the second-largest ocean in the world.

Witness: Spotz swam the entire length of the 325-mile long Allegheny River, located between New York...

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