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Oakland Raiders: Not On Our Watch, To Tell The Truth

By Damali Binta Yael On October - 26 - 2009

The game of football is complex. There are many variables, some deterministic and some stochastic and probabilistic. Who can say which outweighs the other?

One thing we know: one man can not be blamed for systemic failures in the Oakland Raiders franchise.

A thing we need to monitor are the decisions made after certain trends are determined.

Is it a coaching problem? Is it a quarterback problem? Is it a multiple of interrelated problems, multivalued and multivariate in nature?


Let's study the data

The arithmetic mean for shutout score is 27.44

The mode (most frequently occurring) is 27, showing up four times.

The median is 27, which is at the 50 percentile.

The maximum shutout was 0-55, in 1961.

The minimum shutout was 0-12.

The distribution for shutouts is almost a normal distribution.

The questions that this research prompts us to ask:

1. What past coaching or player decisions followed occurrences of shutouts?

2. Were those decisions based on emotions, pride, or on facts?

3. As we look back on the history of quarterbacks, coaches, etc. with the ...

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