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Who throws the ball?  Who caught the football?  The answers to the two questions are connected. This article is inspired by an article on the greatness of Daryle Lamonica. I agree he is and was great.  The reports on determining what makes a quarterback great are somewhat incomplete, in this writer's opinion.  Here is the article link.

For some time now, this writer has been concerned about articles that uplift the image of the great quarterbacks, with minimal reference to those who caught the football that the quarterback threw.

How can a quarterback be classified as great without a sufficient amount of credit being given to those who catch the balls he throws?

After all, the officials and fans bash a quarterback if he has too many incomplete passes.  Isn't it true that it takes two to tango?

A good quarterback needs a good wide receiver or someone to catch that ball the quarterback releases as a powerful projectile moving in a path across the playing field.

A recent article mentioned a portion of Daryle Lamonica's great c...

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