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Oh, To Be a Female Football Fan

By Brittany Baker On October - 11 - 2009

As a female football fan, I feel the pressure to perform; every conversation at the office or in a sports bar, every comment or observation I make has to be right. 

If I'm wrong, I'm a stereotype. Some stupid bimbo, trying to be "one of the guys" for some reason or another. Either that or a slightly more sympathetic generalization, "how cute, she tries to understand the game!" Or worst of all, I get dismissed before I open my mouth because I look "hot" in my jersey.

Now I'm not a hardcore feminist. I don't feel the need to "fight the good fight" and I know the world doesn't consider us women inferior anymore. But, it's pretty hard to ignore the glaring instances that illustrate to me, as a female sports fan, that I'm under constant judgement.

One of the worst situations I have found myself in recently, is when I make an observation known—perhaps in an article on this site or just a mention in conversation— only to have credit stolen by a man who (although he's my buddy, friend, or even boyfriend) thinks he knows more than me. 

If I say something and he agreed with me and then my observation is proved to hold weight, he deserves credit for noddin...

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