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Olympics 2016: An Opportunity To Set Things Right?

By Long John Silver On October - 2 - 2009

I have lived in three different countries, I am not American—but there is a certain essence about the ‘Land of Opportunities’ that I deeply respect, love and find endearing. It’s not flawless, far from it—but it is one of the few places on Earth, where ‘If you dare to dream and have the intrepid courage to go after the dream with diligence and intellect…it just might come true’.

There are many things which we take for granted in America, which the rest of the world does not have. Over the years, the word ‘American’ has been (mis)interpreted in many ways. Some of the synonyms include boorish, brash, entitlement, insular, superior, arrogance, close-minded…I can go on but you am sure understand my viewpoint.

While there might be instances the above idiosyncrasies have been true, which country in the world does not have its so called ‘less then admirable’ population? I have from experience always learned that with fundamental values and decency, all countries have a normal distribution. The majority of the people are good, hard working, respectful and...

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