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During my time here on Bleacher Report , I have been guilty of every single faux pas that I am going to preach about in this article.

However, I have seen my ways, and I have vowed to give it my best effort to change my criticisms from harsh to constructive, my time spent reading from lazy to devoted, and my opinions from closed to open.

That's just me. I've come to terms with my own thoughts and ideas about certain people, articles, ideas, and philosophies on this site.

While I know where I stand, who I've wronged, and where I've gone wrong over the course of the past year, I can't help but write this article, in hopes that someone else with a short fuse and a wild imagination can take solace in knowing that they aren't alone in their crabby, annoyed state of minds.

There truly is hope.

There is a way through the constant "Article of the Day" blind selections, the awful comments made without the reader even finishing the first paragraph, and certain writers not being allowed a status or title on this site.

It's called acceptance. If you know me as a writer on this site at all, you would have decided by now (correctly) that th...

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