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Pay-Per-View Is a Dying Sport

By Favre Footlongs On June - 22 - 2010

Pay-per-view used to be a special thing.

I remember back in the early 90's when I was seven or eight years old and all I wanted to see was a WWF pay-per-view.  Back then, it was a privilege if you got a chance to witness one.

Those were the days when the biggest televisions most families had were 27" and if you knew someone with a big screen that was over 40" then you were in heaven.

The big screens weighed about 150 lbs. and consisted of huge wooden base about the size of a large credenza.

Fortunately for me, I not only had a friend whose grandparents had a big screen TV, but they also had the next best thing to go with it: The Black Box.

Other than a dog, the black box was a man's best friend.  You could get all the premium channels for free, unscrambled porn, and any pay-per-view event y...

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