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Since yesterday's article, "Pete Rose Killed Mario Soto's Career," a few folks have doubted the validity of my argument. For some reason, I cannot let go of this. 

It might have something to do with the fact that I am so right, and the naysayers are so wrong.

Pete Rose's gambling addiction led him to over pitch Mario Soto.  By sending him out to throw on three days rest in 1985, Soto's career was cut short.  He retired at age 31, after three injury plagued seasons.

First, for the people who say that what he did while as a manager of the club should have no bearing on his reinstatement to baseball. 

Let me remind you:

Pete Rose was an acting player/manager until Aug. 17, 1986—after he killed Mario Soto's throwing arm.

So your argument holds no weight.  He was a player as well as a manager.

For those who say, "It was 1985, things were different back then. Pitchers threw on three days rest all the time." 

Yeah? Show me one.

I did a little research for a comment I made to Bleacher Report - Sports & Society
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