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It is often said that an imaginary line runs from north to south, cutting the state of Pennsylvania into two very different halves.

Those who fall on the western side of this invisible boundary often do not have much of an affection for anything, or anyone, that comes from the opposite side.

The same can generally be said for the easterners.

If you’re feeling adventurous, visit the city of Pittsburgh, or one of its nearby western Pennsylvanian towns, then head east on Interstate 80 toward the erroneous metropolis of the Commonwealth, more commonly referred to as Philadelphia.

What you will experience in each location is likely to contrast the other very strongly.

As a native western Pennsylvanian, there are certain things that you take particular pride in.

You likely put Heinz ketchup on everything you eat (if for no other reason than that you have actually seen the relative location of its invention); are fond of the idea of putting french fries, coleslaw, and hot sauce on a variety of sandwiches; commonly utter the word “yinz” when referring to a group of peers and grin as a new acquaintance labors over the definition of this ind...

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