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Professional Athletes as Role Models: Is It Their Job?

By Brandon Land On April - 9 - 2010

The return of Tiger Woods to professional golf has brought about nearly as many questions as answers.

To this point, we know about the marital infidelity. We also know that Tiger will remain a force on the golf course.

What we do not know are the details from the past few months that may shed light on the man Tiger Woods was, yet not necessarily the man he is now—if you believe he has changed.

For example, none of us know what sort of therapy Woods took part in, nor do we know the exact details of the happenings on Thanksgiving evening outside Tiger’s home.

Quite frankly, none of that is our business.

Despite everything, it’s amazing that people are criticizing Tiger Woods for being a terrible role model.

While this may be true, was it really his job to begin with? Sure, Woods acknowledged letting his fans down by setting a poor example, but did he ever ask for the title of “role model”?

One may argue that the job inherently comes with the territor...

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