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The World Cup is one of my favorite events of any kind. I've attended four of the last five tournaments, and cheering on the United States during a big victory is one of the greatest treats a sports fan can imagine.

Which is why it would be particularly painful for me if America boycotts the 2022 World Cup.

The problem, though, is that a boycott of Qatar is the only reasonable course of action.

The time has come for America, and other reasonable first-world nations, to put an end to the disgraceful actions committed by "global organizations" such as FIFA. Yes, we know that they don't like us because of our wealth and perceived arrogance, but this particular incident has crossed a very important line.

The line must be drawn at precisely the point when human rights abusers take precedence over America.

Qatar is a horrific abuser of human rights, and I will not allow my country to be snubbed in favor of those who commit atrocities. Period.

Where can we start with Qatar? How about slavery!

The government and elite of Qatar are open enablers of slavery with...

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