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RANT: Who Needs Rumors and Hacks?

By Cory Ducey On July - 26 - 2010

Let me tell you what frustrates me. Unfounded Rumors and Hacks.

When I was a kid, sports news was just that. News. With the advent of the Internet, everybody is a professional and they know what they are talking about...or so they think they do.

Hacks are in interesting breed.  They will latch on to any information, no matter if it is confirmed, or not, just to write the story or to be among the first to report it.  "The Scoop" if you will.

Not only that, but they will propagate information that has not yet been confirmed and viola!  Instant rumor mill.

Now we get to the worst form of a hack.  The ones that blurb a few sentences and have nothing to back it up.  There are many entries all over the web, and I would love to point them all out but I will use a couple of examples.

Let this be clear that I am not purposely targeting anyone, but I need to illustrate some examples to further my point.

I was just reading an "article" in The Fourth Period and found this:

Marc Savard's tenure with the Bruins is seemingly coming to an end, as the team continues to shop him to other or...

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