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America loves train wrecks. They try to look away, but their eyes stay fixated on the explosions and crashes.

This is exactly why Jersey Shore is popular. 

In possibly the most hilarious twist to a reality show ever, these eight castmates intentionally play into and embrace the “Guido” stereotype. They fist pound, blow out, spray tan, and do things viewers at home say they will never do.

But will they watch other do it? Oh, hell yeah.

Reality shows are normally just dreadful, but Jersey Shore has a great appeal that is nearly indescribable. The mixture of personalities and activities in both the New Jersey and Miami seasons have brought together Americans like nothing else this decade.

Take that, World Cup.

Sports may be one of the few places with the same kind of wild personalities that reside on the Shore. So if athletes were to replace the “celebs” on MTV, who would it be?

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