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Rise and Say No to Surrender

By Sudeshna Banerjee On June - 12 - 2009

This particular poem reflects the mind and the spirit of all sportsmen and sportswomen. It is what makes them come back from jaws of defeat to snatch victory; it is what makes them rise up and shine every single day despite the failures that come their way. Enjoy this glimpse into the mind and heart of the sporting spirit.

Moments of solitude make us ponder and wish a few things would have been a little different…
Perhaps the mirth had lasted a little bit longer…
Perhaps the pain had not been so excruciating…

And then the introspection. The post-mortem as we struggle to embrace fate.
Why me? We question the unseen force, the unknown power which compels us to reluctantly accept the lightning that mysteriously strikes us out of the blue.

We find it hard to fathom the vagaries of the unscrupulous nature which make us feel the Priceless One one moment and listless the next, richer than the richest one moment and then poorer than the poorest, alive one moment and dead the immediate next.

The frantic searches for the answers to the questions which writhed us and tore us….yet the answers remain unanswered, the replies unknown, the voice silent.

Do we succumb? Do we bury ourselves? Do we call it a day?

We rise. Resurrect ourselves and shrug off the Truth no matter how much it wrenches our heart… because we have to.

We pick up our bruised and battered souls and resolve not to give in till the last drop of blood remains in us.

We make our hearts filter out the blood of sorrow…

We pledge never to look back…

We strive to surmount the insurmountable…

We pick up the sword and commit to protect ourselves…

We say no to surrender.

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