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Should Alcohol Be Served at Sporting Events?

By Danielle Parenteau On December - 27 - 2009
First of all, this really has nothing to do with John Daly; I just needed to put a picture in, and I could not really find anything exactly right (or even close to what I wanted), so I just picked something. (Of course, there is a measure of appropriateness to using Daly for a discussion regarding alcohol and sports.) I created this for a class I took last semester at Cypress College, where I am a freshman Communications/Journalism. The name of the class is Sport and United States Society. The teacher is Margaret Mohr, a former assistant coach for the WNBA's Los Angeles Sparks. The assignment was to pick a controverisal topic related to sports and do a panel discussion on it along with a slideshow with information and at least four pros and four cons for each side of the argument. The plan was for everyone to divide into groups and split up the researching and presenting duties. I was in a group of four, but the other members made miniscule or zero effort to do any of the work. They either did no research or claimed they had but had nothing to show for it. They either showed up extremely late or not at all for previously agreed upon meetings. They did not call to discuss the projec...

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