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Shut Up and Play: The Idiocy of Fusing Sports and Politics

By Thomas Cogliano On May - 14 - 2010

Politics—the art of the impossible.

So often, I hear that phrase and so often it rings quite true. 

Politics is a sleazy arena where opportunism is shamelessly disguised as an allegedly noble quest for the common good. 

In many cases, politics can shamelessly infiltrate environments that are by nature apolitical, such as religion and sports. 

There has been a great deal of political fuss surrounding the recently passed Arizona state law regarding illegal immigration. 

I am not going to declare where I stand on this particular law. I am neither a resident of Arizona, nor a resident of any "border state," thus, I am the first to admit my physical dis-attachment to the issues involved in that particular political debate. 

However, I am going to voice my opinion on those opinionators who consider it a sensible view to infiltrate the political discussion by dragging sports along with it. I am directing this at you, Charles Barkley!

In a recent interview with Sports Media Watch, Charles Barkley defended the talk of sports boycotts in Arizona with the argument that sports and politics have frequently fus...

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