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Well it's official. CBC Sports of Canada reported that HGH does help athletes according to an Australian study that proves HGH (Human Growth Hormone) does enhance an athlete's performance in sports.

Yep, that was a big surprise, right? Bet you had no clue that was coming!

What I find most interesting is that there were actually individuals, maybe there still are (people can be stubborn), who thought that there was no tie between an improvement in athletic performance and the use of HGH.

Just a little common sense would suggest the opposite, otherwise why would any Olympic, professional, or elite athlete risk using it?

The CBC article goes on to say that even modest amounts of HGH can improve "sprinting capacity in sports that require bursts of speed."

They suggested, "at the levels they were testing, athletes might shave nearly a half-second off their time in a 100-metre sprint or 1.2 seconds off a tim...

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