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Some ‘Bama Fans Need To Embrace Diversity.

By Richard Cotner On July - 27 - 2009

I can't help but notice a certain sense of shame amongst the more, shall we say, "upper tier" Crimson Tide fans at having to be associated with fans that many of them feel are...how do I put it?

Oh I got it! Provincial!

Yea, that's a good word to use because it will make the degree-holding snobs feel just a little less judgemental—and the "redneck" non alumni fans that they are all so ashamed of probably won't understand what it means, anyway.

"Bammer" fans—as the uppity pin heads so affectionately refer to these hard working, hard partying, and perhaps not so well-spoken members of the Bama fanbase—have just as much right to unwind after a long week of fixing your toilets, building your houses, and doing whatever other job that you feel is beneath you or are too inept to do yourself.

So why do some 'Bama fans feel the need to distance themselves from these people who are fans of the same team?

Will being associated with "those people" somehow undermine or lessen their accomplishments or stature in life?

Does it stem from a sense of inferiority, or shame at being from a state the the rest of the country has told us is...

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