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Pain and pleasure are two of the most basic sensations known to man; but as with so many other things, humans have managed to make them massively more complicated than at first they would appear.

Pleasure itself takes many forms, most of which are exceedingly simple (contrary to the ethos of the consumer-based society we live in).

There is that fondness and affection for young children, usually accompanied by the pure, unadulterated joy of hearing a child's laughter.

The satisfaction of a job well-done, particularly when pain was endured to get it to that state of perfection; the sheer relief of a successful endeavour; that enveloping moment of bliss when you drag your weary body into bed; a cold drink on a hot summer's day, quenching thirst and cooling temperature simultaneously.

A solitary walk in a beautiful area, during which one may find peace within oneself (if only for a few minutes); perhaps the most serene type of pleasure.

The sweet delight of striking a golf ball cleanly; the release of tension after sinking a five-yard putt (the most dangerous type) to win the match. The absolute exhilaration of a down-the-line curve-ball w...

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