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Sports Movies For The Holiday Season

By Steve Thompson On November - 13 - 2009

Now that it is November, the Hollywood studios like to come out with their blockbusters for the holiday season.

When it comes to sports movies, the plots are usually the same. Somebody who is unknown joins a down and out team and leads it to victory, usually overcoming some handicaps and personal crises on the way while winning the girl/guy depending on the gender.

Or there are tragedies about athletes with incurable diseases like Brian Picolo, Lou Gehrig, etc.

But how about some really different sports movies for a change. If Hollywood would use its imagination, there are plenty of different plots that could be developed. Below are 35 sports movies waiting to be made. Perhaps a producer or director will read this and be inspired...

1.    The Board Of Governors

Based on Agatha Christie’s story, “Ten Little Indians”, this is the story of the homicidal fan who bumps off members of a sports league’s Board of Governors one by one after they repeatedly refuse to grant his city a franchise.

2.    Attack Of The Twenty Foot Point Guard

50's-like Scifi flick in which a mad scientist ...

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