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SportsCenter Crosses the Cross-Promotion Line

By Patrick Mauro On August - 3 - 2009

After what I saw Sunday night, I wish I could make the bold statement, "I will never watch SportsCenter again," but I'm pretty sure it would end up being a lie.

I'm way too conditioned to watch sports highlights on TV and ESPN seems to have the sports highlight market cornered.

I’ve largely chosen to ignore the smarmy anchors, the guys (and gals) hoping so desperately to be the next Keith Olberman or Craig Kilborn, shoving a catchphrase—that isn’t even their original thought—down our throats:

“No soup for you!”

“Sit on it Potsie!”

“Run Forrest run!”


“He’s so money and he doesn’t even know it.”

“I am Kaiser Soze!”

Makes you long for a simpler time—the days before the “big sports network” secured the near monopoly on these types of shows and just painlessly gave you the scores and highlights.

Maybe that's too much to ask for in our media proliferated universe.

Up to this point, I hadn’t let this stop me from enjoying my hi...

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