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It would have been easy to give up. Having lost in Game 7 in a year when the Vancouver Canucks clearly had the best team in the league, it seemed inevitable that fans would be alienated.

As the streets of Vancouver blazed with the frustrations of thousands of hockey fans, that fire raged inside me also. How could this happen? Luckily, I wasn’t assigned to report on the final game or the series in any capacity.

I don't often get the chance to write as a fan. Once you become a journalism student, they teach you to push down any emotion and be objective. It makes for better writing, they say.

Since I started college, I learned to be objective. I learned to be “professional.”

But this Canucks team inspires something in me that breaks through sportswriting parlance and into my baser instincts as a fan.

So to hell with it.

I feel no guilt in enjoying the way Ryan Kesler glides down the ice, clattering into opponents and scoring gritty goals. The Sedin twins' telepathy has me hypnotized. Even Robe...

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