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"Swag" may be the dumbest, most ill-conceived word of all time, specifically in regard to sports.  I wanted to see exactly what definition Urbandictionary.com applies to the word "swag"....

"1. apperance ,style ,or the way he or she presents themselves. 
  2. the way one carries their self."

Appalling. Artists like Soulja Boy, who use the word "swag" in rap videos like "Turn My Swag On", or F.L.Y.'s (Fast Life Yungstaz) "Swag Surfin'", perpetuate the use of poor writing merely by misspelling their names. 

I'll briefly elaborate on my initial thoughts upon reading this definition.  I'll also provide a brief grammar lesson before I digress to the purpose of this article: 

3,865 people gave definition No. 1 a thumbs up, despite misspelling "appearance", putting spaces before commas instead of after them, and obliterating all semblance of pronoun-antecedent agreement.  He and she are singular antecedents. The word "themselves" is a plural pronoun.  This author's grammar "swag" is abysmal. 

Author No. 2 apparently attended the same grammar school as No. 1.  1,552 people like "the way...

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