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Synchronized Skating: Ice Breakers Of Long Island

By Dee Karl On June - 14 - 2010

It's the middle of June. It's overcast and it's early. I'm at Ice Works with a bunch other people who are not quite dressed for an ice rink. But then again, even the Zamboni driver is in shorts. Who'da thought? I guess he's used to it.

But I am not a parent on one of these tiny-tykes here today. I'm here to find out a little about the Ice Breakers, Synchronized Skate Team.

With every youth competitive sport here on Long Island, there's a constant battle between the kids participating and the parents who sit on the sidelines.

"Don't tell me you're tired!"
"Get your hands away from your face!"
"I told you to eat something at home!"
"Who told you to stay up so late?"

Yeah, I've heard these all before and it doesn't even matter if it's the three-year-olds or the 15-year-olds, the parent-child struggle is eternal. But we endure it because we know that every kid needs to participate in something to help develop not only their body but their personality.

Here on Long Island the choices for team sports are almost never ending, but Synchronized Skating may not be one you've heard of.

The Ice Breakers out of Ice Works in Syoss...

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