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Every morning when I wake up, I pour my favorite cereal into a bowl, I grab my laptop, I turn my television on, and I plant myself on my couch.  I am now a multi-tasking machine: I am eating my breakfast as I am watching sports on television, while I am surfing the Internet for any interesting sports stories. 

If it wasn't for me facing the reality again, I would probably remain in this exact spot all day. 

I am what you call a sports enthusiast.  I absolutely love sports.  I can not get enough of it.  I'm not the ordinary sports fan who is just watching one particular team and they do not pay attention to any other sport.  I am a sports fanatic where I watch every sports event from baseball to croquet.  Sports is my life.  If the whole world were to end today, but I would be the lone survivor, I would lose my mind due to the disappearance of the sports world existence.

I try to find any means possible to watch the biggest sports events that are going on in a given day.  If I ever find myself at a funeral during a major sports eve...

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