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Tennis Tri(P)fecta: Pain, Physical Fitness and Performance

By Long John Silver On August - 7 - 2009

The past few months I have wondered how the role of ‘Pain’ transcends between sport and reality. The final catalyst was during a conversation with a friend. Thought I would discuss that a bit, for pain, performance and sport are as intertwined as boys and girls in high school, and men and women in the real world.

To quote two champions of our time about playing with pain, who came out and said what essentially had the same gist:

Rafael Nadal:

"I played with some problems on the knee for the last few months. I've been making efforts to play week after week. The truth is that sportsmen always play with pain and don't know where the limit is, where you can get to. I think I reached that limit now. I will work very hard to comeback as soon as possible. One of the problems is I’m thinking more about the knees than what is happening on court and it’s very difficult to play like that."

Sachin Tendulkar:


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