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The 10 Rules a Real Fan Must Follow

By Will Holt On October - 27 - 2009
I am a lifelong Philadelphia sports fan. That sentence alone should explain a lot. You don't need to ask me who my favorite teams are. It is all self-explanatory. Unfortunately I live amongst frauds. There are actually fans that were born and raised in either Philadelphia or its suburbs and they somehow support both the Philadelphia Phillies and New York Yankees. They try to justify it and say, "My dad was a lifelong Yankee fan so I always kind of liked the Yankees." Or you will get this line a lot, "I need to have an American League team to root for." Oh really? Is what you need to do is stop being a fraud. Pick a side and stick to it. You cannot like a team from Philadelphia and New York. It doesn't work and I don't care how you try to explain it. It applies to all sports. Therefore you can't be a New York Giants fan and Philadelphia Phillies fan. You could tell me that your father played for the Giants back in the day and your brother currently plays for the Phillies. Sorry kid, you can't do it no matter what the circumstances are. I know there are a lot of confused souls out there so allow me the liberty to establish the rules of who you are allowed to be a fan of. Thi...

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