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The 15 Best Sports TV Shows of All Time

By Eric Felkey On July - 7 - 2010
The amount of quality, entertaining sports-related television programming is pretty difficult to come across. Oh sure, there are shows like SportsCenter, PTI, and Inside The NBA that entertain us for hours on end and even give us a few laughs here and there. But I'm talking about shows that were created purely for entertainment purposes. There was one that revolutionized the sports comedy/drama genre in the late '70s and early '80s (White Shadow), and one in this decade that set the bar for which all future shows will be measured (Friday Night Lights). In between, there were a lot of mediocre, forgettable programs. For whatever reason, it's seemingly impossible to center a comedy or drama around sports. I originally wanted to make this a top-20 list, but couldn't do it because I refused to put shows like 1st and Ten on. So the ones featured today should be celebrated because they at least provided us with some sort of entertainment. Let's start at No. 15... (And be sure to let me know which shows I missed.)

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