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The Head Coaches of the UFL

By Joshua Lobdell On September - 12 - 2009

For hard core football fans all the names on this list should be somewhat familiar. The UFL has gone with heavy NFL experience in hiring their Head Coaches. While all four of these men could, and really should be, on the short list for NFL gigs, they are the men who will start to define what this new league will be. With that being said here is a look at the Head Coaches for each UFL team:


California Redwoods- Dennis Green- Dennis is a great football coach, and is usually a great sound bite. Most of us will remember his famous “They are who what we though they were” blast while Head Coach of the Arizona Cardinals. However many forget that Denny was also the coach of the Minnesota Vikings team that went 15-1 and came within a missed field goal of appearing in the Super Bowl. He is also a disciple of Bill Walsh and the West Coast offense.

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