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The Media Needs Football To Start Now

By Chris Wilkinson On August - 22 - 2010

You have to love the dog days of summer. 

Since the end of basketball free agency the major sports writers have been trying their mightiest to find a headline. 

Yeah, NFL training camps have opened but it isn't the same.  Baseball is in the summer lull and there hasn't been a no-hitter in almost a month.  So, what have the writers been doing, making up stories on topics that really aren't story worthy. 

I'll give a few examples and how I think they could be solved.


1.  LeBron James leaves to Miami, Owner Dan Gilbert writes a letter

There were many out there throwing around the race card on this letter. 

I read the letter and have to say it sounded more like a jilted lover and less like what Jesse Jackson said.  The obvious solution is this, ignore anything Jesse Jackson says. 

It doesn't matter what the issue, if Jackson can put his opinion in and claim racism, he will do it.  It should be noted, he never said a thing when the Black Panthers new president said in his open...

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