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The Paradox Of Stardom

By Joe Schackman On August - 8 - 2010


Athletes are a unique breed. We like to think that we are not that different from them, that maybe if a few things changed it would be us stepping into the batters box or playing Sunday at the Masters.

The truth is that we are not even close. Physically and mentally, professional athletes are light years beyond you and me. The great ones, even more so, think, act, and see the world differently.

It is ironic because we love them on the court/field/course for that attitude, but off of it we expect them to be just like you and me–a completely unrealistic ideal.

Look at Michael Jordan. The guy may be the most hyper competitive human being that ever lived, as well as the greatest basketball player to ever live. He was a stone cold killer on the court, a ruthless, cutthroat player who would do whatever it took to win. This attitude followed him off the court, to the point where he is now seen as a selfish bitter jerk.

Tiger Woods fits the same mold. He plays the ultimate individual spor...

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