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I’m all for college football traditions.

Traditions provide college football with the pageantry and passion that is often lacking from the professional game. Fall Saturdays would not be the same without someone dotting the I in Ohio, an orange-tinged crowd singing Rocky Top, or a whole stadium standing just in case a 12th man is needed.

Besides providing the game with much needed excitement, traditions are also supposed to unite fanbases.

Football teams, especially those from public universities, represent much more than their schools. They often represent their cities, regions, and even their entire state.

Traditions help to unite young and old, alumni and student, white and black.

That’s why I’m glad University of Mississippi Chancellor Dan Jones recently banned the playing of the song “From Dixie With Love” during football games.

As most college football fans have heard by now, Jones and university administration wanted to prevent students from chanting the “The South Will Rise Again” at the end o...

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