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The Top 15 Most Successful Streakers in Sports History

By Ezri Silver On May - 24 - 2010
"We're going streaking!," with those immortal words, Frank the Tank revealed to the world what most already know—a pastime within a pastime—streaking. Be it England or Estonia, America or Australia, Canada or Cameroon, one universal theme of sport which can occur within the venue of another sport is the true international phenomena known as streaking. Underdeveloped nations, developed nations, despotic nations all have their revelers in this class of person (athlete if you will) in a class all of their own. Balanced on a mixture of insanity and inebriation, fans of all sports—be it baseball, basketball, cricket, football, rugby, soccer (football to non-Yanks), and even golf and horse racing—participate in this non-discriminatory sport. It takes no particular talent—size doesn't matter, though "exposure" does—we present to you the next international phenomena in sport—streaking. In this soccer World Cup year—arguably the most popular international sport recognized by mainstream society—we make a case for the mainstream sport for all society—the individual known as "The Streaker." (For the full effect and consistency w...

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