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The Top 20 Athlete-Celebrity Marriages

By Geoffrey Ratliff On June - 3 - 2012

Be they athletes, actors, singers, or reality stars, the world is obsessed with celebrities. The evolution of new media and social media, along with various technological advances and innovations over the past decade, has made it easier than ever for us to follow their every move.

People and US Weekly magazines, reality television shows, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, USTREAM, and smart phones have all helped to create a 24-hour news cycle that makes it nearly impossible for these very public figures to enjoy even a moment of privacy, and that’s usually not a good thing for them.

Drunken late-night rants, stints in drug rehab, stories of infidelity, and celebrity breakups seem to rule the celebrity news cycle. But too often we fail to highlight the positive moments. Sure, we briefly celebrate the latest marriage or baby birth, but those positive vibes are quickly replaced by scrutiny or skepticism over how long the union will last (thanks Kim Kardashian) or the latest report of celebrity parenting gone bad (here’s looking at you Bobby Christina).

Maybe we have a subconscious desire to prove that celebrities are just as flawed as us...

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