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This Just In: Jemele Hill Knows Her Sports

By Spencer Cuellar On March - 31 - 2010

In actuality she doesn’t. And seriously: it’s been enough already. I believe she’s been at ESPN for about three full years now. I hadn’t read anything for a pretty long time and was wondering why. I was also pleasantly surprised.

I’d hadn’t had a sports gripe for some time (aside from all the overrated dunks and blocks of the Prince himself on top 10 plays every night) and didn’t know what was up.

I guessed that those fortunately-covered white athletes finally toned down their bad habits and actions or got even more preferential treatment and were completely absolved before any press could learn of the dumb mistakes they made and put their organizations in unpleasant situations, which is probably why Jemele felt she was out of work in addition to me feeling the void in my life that was her sensational sports writing.

Thank heavens for Big Ben Roethlisberger.

I looked up Jeme...

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