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Tiger Woods in the Rough: When Did We Surrender To the TMZ Dogs?

By Andrew Brining On February - 28 - 2010

You'll have to forgive me for taking a tardy bite out of a thoroughly chewed upon subject, but I was on self-imposed hiatus when this already-surreal situation devolved into some cubistic trainwreck. It's just too absurd to let pass without comment.

By "it," of course, I mean Tiger Woods' second public apology since naked, augmented skeletons started jumping out of his walk-in Florida closets.

Yeah, yeah, his first mea culpa was the dictionary definition of "vague" and issued through his website. So what?

This idea that the general public is entitled to an apology for personal sins that don't/shouldn't affect us is questionable; that we deserve one on OUR terms is for the birds.


The whole fiasco has become a supermassive black hole of common season. The heaviest sports hitters are devoting huge swaths of resources to covering every minute detail and incidental development in the so-called story. No tidbit is too small or too unsubstantiated.

Even ...

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