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The Tiger Woods saga is tailor-made for television soap operas and made-for-TV movies.

Once a golfer who had it all, Woods lost it all just as quickly, and is now trying to claw his way back—I tell you, this story has everything: an out-of-the-blue climb to the top, early success, a scandal and injury that threatened to doom our protagonist and a story of repentance, a mea culpa to set this journey up for that trademark bittersweet ending.

When Woods won the Arnold Palmer Invitational over the weekend, he completed the segment of his story formulaically known as rock bottom: the valley, the drought, that storybook chapter of disaster that began No. 27, 2009 when Woods crashed his Escalade.

We saw a high profile and costly divorce, the publication of a series of wild affairs and the side story of a former caddie who planned to write a book before using a rac...

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